Tuesday, June 26, 2007

amazing zoom

I recently broke one of my roommate's cereal bowls.
In an attempt to replace it I went searching in silly online
places like CB2. Click on the picture above and it should take
you to the CB2 website. Click on the $8.95 tray and it should lead you to an amazing feature of... infinite zoom-in. The tray is awesome because it looks so 'real fake'...yes that is a term, and when you look at the website you'll understand what I mean.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

yes, I have a fade

Thursday, June 21, 2007

new goals

it started today.

I no longer work/have a job, and I'm no longer at my parent's house (I visited them for 3.5 days last week).

What am I now?

Today the lovely term 'On Sabbatical' came to mind. I am on sabbatical this summer in chicago.

Sabbatical Goals:
1. Look for a job
-one that I want to do for more than 5 months
-I'm prepared to train for this job
-I've checked craigslist 12.75 times today
-what I should do is think about the companies I want to work for or talk to people who do
what I want to do.
2. Try to decide what I want to do
3. Try to decide how long I belong in Chicago
4. Be ethically lean and fit
-have noticed that people's pets are as fat as they are
-I don't want to be fat/have fat
-to be skin pulled over muscle...that sounds more crazy than i wanted it to
-exercise should be a part of my life...how will I do that if I don't get paid to ride my bike?
-eat simply...fresh instead of rich food
-save money: cheap/free dance and yoga classes? cooking with people instead of going out?
-should I try the philosopher's diet and do away with sugar and flour...limit self to 1,200 cal per day?
5. Everything in its place
-have some sort of cabinet of Wonder with little boxes so my life is organized and filed away
-all the things that can be filed away can probably be thrown away (cycle things out to brown elephant)

6. General/viral revolutionary activity
how do you change the world you live in?
I made a list...it is obviously silly
-cut my own hair
-eat local organic
-recycle office paper and turn old clothes into grocery shopping bags
-own very little
-learn new serious skills (html writing, wheel building, sewing, etc)
-spend more time in public places

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I think I have been trying to 'let myself go' and get into some pitiful state of being so as to make my former employer feel sad and guilty for wasting one of the brilliant minds of our time. I see myself a leather skinned/too much sun messenger with almost dreaded hair, missing teeth, riding a crappy bike downtown as a messenger...all the bike non-profits would see me and shake their head as they witness my slow deterioration..."what a shame" they'd say to each other.

Then as for a final show I'd get hooked on some ridiculous drug like Ecstasy or crack and would be found sleeping downtown on the sidewalk while dressed up people with health insurance would step around me during their lunch break. That'll show them not to fire me...or at least send them into a world of regret.

This was my subconscious plan. I recently voiced it to myself and Justin and realized the faults in said plan. All the non-profit scabs will really just think to themself "wow, we were right not to hire her, she's obviously a loser...and a user...and a..."

What I have to do now is get a job with the United Nations or the NY Times or something way better than them...that'll make em wish they had me back...which is all I really want (I don't actually want to go back). some might say I should worry more about myself being happy instead of just focusing on making other people sad/regretful. Life is obviously too short.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend ride and sugar

Time to get serious. As my work with the Fed and CPD ends I have more time to organize the finer things in life, like friendly bike rides, exploreres club, and fried dough.

Anyone interested in riding down to 85th St and Cottage Grove next Saturday with me? The destination will be 'Dat Donut' I had one of these in February in the library of Tilden High School. It was at that moment I knew that there was something good and pure in this vast city of mediocer taste...it gave me hope...maybe I wouldn't have to move to LA or Boston to be surrounded by the enlightened people who know what a REAL donut tastes like.

This morning I talked to Shanell about my planned trip and she asked why I wanted to go (she lives a couple blocks from the shop so it isn't such a big deal for her). Why do I want to ride 40 miles (round trip) to get a donut? A: So I can eat guilt free..even though I know that after extreme exercise eating unhealthy food usually doesn't make your body feel any better...i'll probably get there and just want to eat a carrot and drink water. In other sugar food news. Wed I went to Margie's ice cream...someone sitting next to me made me laugh and I projected icecream out of both nostrils and my mouth (in essence I threw up out of my nose). I had streaks of snot/icecream all over my face, pants, and table (luckily none of the other guests were hit by the shrapnel).


This is the best...look it up on youtube. or cable access. Does anyone want to go today? It starts at 12:30. All you do is show up and dance to some rad band with kids and older people strutting their stuff. Should I wear a costume? Or is it passe and rude to even wear sunglasses to such an event?

This show is almost too good to be true...which frightens me and makes me not want to go.