Saturday, February 28, 2009

Econ Edu from Ira

This week there was a really good NPR piece explaining the current economic crisis done the best way 'This American Life' can. We should all know what a toxic asset is...god...I didn't even really know what a regular asset was before. It should be available soon on their website for free streaming. It just takes 50 minutes to listen to it. Anyway you look at it, things are going to change. I wonder if Obama will come in the middle of the night and re-structure all the banks through the US gov't? It happened in Korea and Russia. He says he'll examine the field and wait to take action in 2 months...just the thing to say so they won't suspect your Friday afternoon announcement and weekend raid (I mean raid in only the best of senses).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New CEO of Chicago Schools

Obama took Arnie Duncan, the head of the Chicago School District, with him to Washington DC. While I can't say educators in Chicago will miss Duncan for anything other than his good looks they are concerned about his replacement.

Mayor Daley wants to push in a new boss...Huberman. Why does that name seem familiar? Ron Huberman is our fearless CTA President (pictured to the right of Daley).

Huberman’s only exposure to education came during his two years serving as the mayor’s chief of staff.

“Ron is a fantastic manager who has proven his ability in many different jobs,” said Daley, in a question-and-answer session with reporters after Huberman’s introduction.

At the financially-troubled CTA, Huberman cut waste, improved on-time performance, reduced dreaded “bus bunching” and cut down on maintenance problems. As the mayor’s chief of staff, Huberman oversaw 49 departments, 39,000 employees and an annual budget of nearly $6 billion. He also ran the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

Ron went to my alma mater, UW-Madison for undergrad. He moved to Chicago, became A COP and then went to grad school, getting an impressive business degree from U of Chicago. Aren't all Chicago Cops Racist? Is running a school system really the same as running a bus company?