Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1.25 inche baby

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First day in DC, officially:

Biked up hills for the first time, so rewarding! Got lost on several States (confusion when West Virginia turned into Montana?). Catholic University domes, ethiopian coffee shop, rasta key maker using hammer for $3, search for public utilities, ride on the Metropolitan branch trail right through the industrial back ends of the city on smooth pavement towards the white egg dome of the Capital.

Searched for internet behind the Capital, none without congressional password. Tried to find free internet everywhere and everyone was mean, really mean. Security guards told me to scat, business ladies on their black berries gave me scowling looks, squirrels tried to steal my lunch.

The not-for-tourist guide talked hipster-holier than though shit about EVERY neighborhood (everything is either scrappy or 'burby). Tired by the time I got to the library of congress I decided to go in, after walking my bike around for 10minutes trying to find a parking place. Couldn't get through the metal detector, till a kindly(?) security officer offered to frisk-me. Everyone warned that the library of congress was no library for plebeians, just for actual congress. Beautiful reading room is off limits and everything seemed extremely exclusive. About to leave in a haze of hunger and bouncing tour guide lectures on white marble I decided to get up the nerve to ask the information desk on the way out...'is there a place where I can use my computer?' She offered her desk, "you can sit here" she waved to the chair next to her, "if you need to plug in. Or you can sit anywhere you like." Wow, thank you! Now I'm sitting in the beautiful hall, searching craigslist for jobs.