Monday, May 19, 2008


SUBJ: Seen
TO: Raul
FROM: Sarah

hey Raul,
How's it going? I feel like we haven't talked in quite a while. I miss hanging out.
I'll try to give you an update of my life that doesn't include bikes:
-I just got new laundry detergent, it is supposed to save the planet, and it smells pretty good, I am hopeful.
-Both of my sisters are graduating from College today in Boston. The best I can do at this point is call them and send them something in the mail. What is a good graduation present?
-Issac is going to cut my hair Wed, I might get a mullet.

That's all the news.


Monday, May 05, 2008

less good looking performance art

friend was saying that she was getting more into art, understanding her place in it, as she simultaneously estranged from the things that she used to identify her life by. science, etc.

Jealous. I'm art estranged, and feel more comfortable in spokes with bad wrenches.

do it.

she looks better as she gets older.