Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer has caught me unaware and unprepared.

Food fashion has suddenly changed. Yes! I work in the food fashion industry as a barista.
While espresso used to say it all, it's hot now and water is all that really matters.


Who sells water or makes fashion from water...as sexy as the white t-shirt...Southerners who know.

Versions of water I think will make my life better, elegant and this headache go away (perpetually de-hydrated).

-Water left in the fridge in a glass bottle (it looks better than a plastic pitcher, easy to grab and the cold glass feels good on yr mouth when you sneak gulps from the common bottle).
-cucumber slices in water
-lemon slices in water (not personally a fan of lime)
-lemon cucumber in water
-lemon cucumber mint in water
-ice tea
-mint ice tea
-lemon ice tea
-lavender soda (diy)
-ginger mint soda

Nick and I are going to bottle soda...should be ready in 2 weeks! We'll let ya know how it goes.


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