Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emoticon Mirages :\

My ability to communicate seems to have disappeared. Without having to write more than short txts and chat with customers while they wait for skim lattes I have devolved into a puddle-blob of walking adjectives/emotion. My frilling poet ways seems to have grown stronger, I can muse and rift on any topic, the more inconsequential the more color I can add to it.
The ability to pinpoint and be precise, to divinate meaning from overwhelming environment is gone. If I uploaded pictures I couldn't pen a caption. The concept of limit and focus eludes me. I have several amazing projects started, and none finished. Clarity seems to come only through dreams of not doing things and moments jogging at 5 in the morning. where is it going? how will it end?

A strict regiment of lazering my brain? bringing it into focus pretending things and projecting definitives into space that isn't there. I have a strong reluctance to label or firmly direct anything which makes this blur and lack of ability to write a convincing essay so nebulously strong.


Blogger Julia Miller said...

nebulas are beautiful

12:47 PM  

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