Saturday, November 06, 2010

Intelligentsia in DC

Just walked to my local coffee shop, an espresso wine bar I was actually too afraid to go in for quite a while it looked so swank. Walked in, waited in line and then got a cup of intelligencia coffee. So good, the mystery insta-cold I'd gotten the day before seemed bearable. How did Intelligencia make it all the way to DC? Is there really such a lack of good coffee in the country? Is the Mid-West the place for good roasters? Farmer Dan, revolution brewing, ancora, metropolis? All of them kick more dark roast ass than Intelligencia in my opinion. Proof marketing an chutzpah goes a long way in $ market.

I am infinitely glad there's a wonderful coffee shop near my house. To me it is a sign of good living like clean sheets or a good hair cut, something with infinite value that you generally appreciate only in its absence.


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