Thursday, May 17, 2007

have you noticed everyone's doing push-ups these days? And I mean EVERYONE.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

L.A. Sit?

Why is LA so fabulous? Everyone exercises and at the same time loves donuts and coffee (there are donut places EVERYWHERE, and not a dunkin d. to be seen, all local, all organic. jk last bit). You know something is popular when there are several versions of it with drive-thru options. Yes there are cars, but there are also a LOT of bicyclists and lots of bike lanes and signs telling drivers to share the road.

I love 'exercise'
I love sun
I love bike lanes
I love donuts
I love coffee

The best part of the trip might have been the 4am visit Rebecca and I made to Randy's.

It was dark and cool outside right before we devoted ourselves to LAX and leaving. We hung out in the parking lot eating long johns and coffee and were rewarded by the celebrity sighting of Randy himself...I think his license plate read 'donut king' or 'fattest donut' or something like that. It was somehow VERY reassuring.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Rebecca and I made new friends in Venice Beach. Lots of skaters...rebecca and I were tempted to get a tandem bike. Instead we just hung out on the beach, ate fish on a pier, and drank 24oz cans of PBR.

We take 1.5 hours a day to write extensive journal entires.

Now we will rent a car and drive north along the coast to the Sarah Winchester house.

Hopefully we will be just like the movie Sideways and stop at a vineyard.

In an attempt to culturefie myself I am reading bukowski poems and listening exclusively to pet sounds.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

LA-venice beach

I missed my plane to LA...that's how little time I have these days, or how poor I am at leaving room in my work for my life. I knew the only way I could really escape was to leave the time zone and let my beach magnets on (they hang out in my ovaries and thyroid glans and make me feel and act like I'm stoned as soon as I have physical contact with the combination of salt and sand..and it makes my hair curl).

I made a later flight because all I'm carrying is my bike bag (nothing to check and no knives)
Rebecca and I met in the LAX airport. She had made reservations at a beach hostel for us the night before.

We take an airport shuttle ($13 each) to venice beach. Our driver is eastern euro and asks people, "vat do you vant?" He also says the speed limit in cali is 75...not the usual 55mph of Virginia. I am even more tempted to rent a car ($15 a day) and drive up the coast to San Jose and San Francisco.

For now rebecca and I are in the hostel, which is JUST LIKE LOTHLORIEN, yikes. the same odd hippy paintings/murals on the walls and vagabond young men hanging out in the halls. $86 for a room that could sleep four, one block from the beach, free coffee and pancake mix in the AM and free rice or pasta in the PM (weird).

Rebecca and I check in and seem dead because of the 2 hour time difference, we worked all day and yes we are the living dead.

The area is pretty dead at night so we walk along secret allies and beach avenues. The little bungalos are AWESOME and the plants are so different from what we have at home...there are cacuts and roses all over everything, there's more street art too, graffiti, murals and skaters. This is what living in VA Beach would be like. Not what most think of when they think of LA.

I'm going to go get coffee (we're across from a restaurant called mao's kitchen). Rebecca is still sleeping. She had the wonderful idea of getting a six pack and just sitting on the beach today. Yes.