Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Calavera City

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Post for Women

Last night 3 people commented on how long my hair was. Great, these are the big strides towards progress and personal development that I am making. Really I don't even think I should think of it as progress, it was just a weight given in either direction.

Time to make direction, to do something. Sure I started a High School Bike Club...with a bunch of potentially political latino boys who want to call their group 'revolution bikes' and have Che Grevera as the badge on their head tubes.

When I ask them what the red 5 point star represents they shrug and say they want it as part of their logo.

The point of this post is I want to start doing work for myself...revolution for something...or direction or whatever. Do more than not cut my hair and hang out for free with high school 17 year olds. I have noticed this uncertainty and hesitation among many of my friends. We've graduated from school or maybe we're about to but we don't know what we want to do. There's a big feeling that we 'can do anything we put our mind to' which is even more debilitating because with all the power we imagine we weild we are unable to make any decisions...what do we want to do? I think this is worse for women because we don't have role models...who's big and powerful and revolutionary that I want to be like? Nino Rota, Che, Godard, Chomsky, Dylan, Oscar Watson, Wes Anderson, Sheldon Brown, Mao, the list of imaginary revolutionaries goes on.

I propose a CONFERENCE

LOCATION: We'll meet in a 'some-what' secluded and spiritual place; either a bed and breakfast in Arizona/New Mexico or a rather isolated part of Haiti...possibly Croatia. It depends on how much time participants can take off of their jobs at cafes and americorp.

DATES: ASAP (5 days...2.5 days of work followed 2.5 of relaxation)

PARTICIPANTS: People who have fiddled with higher education and it has failed them. People who feel like they could achieve a lot and are disappointed in themselves for actually doing nothing and having NO IDEA how to get anything of importance done or even conceptualize such an endeavored....something they thought college would train them for.
23-28 years old. Everyone under 23 has not had enough time to truely suffer in this stagnant state. Those over 28 have suffered too long and have surely given up any concept of a greater good or personal happiness. Women. Just to discriminate further and facilitate ease of conversation. To build some sort of coalition. It helps if you've spent at least a year and a half as an intern or working for some ridiculously low amount of money.

AGENDA: 1. Brain storm---30 crazy things we could put our energy into.
2. Cut it down---pick top 10
3. Choose one each
4. Resources--inventory of what we have and what we need to get it done (using each other also as potential resources)
5. Plans--- in the communist style create 2 year and 5 year plans for achievement.
6. Go on vacation because all the hard work of actually making an uninformed decision is over.

SPEAKERS: Women who have found happiness becoming potters or have moved to Cuba or Angola and are powerful community leaders there...actually garnishing respect. All speakers will either encourage us to leave the U.S. or to give up hope and join some sort of community where we barter and trade instead of depending on a cash currency and sexism to bring us happiness.

possible plans of action
1. teach for americorp
2. LA make movies that kick everyones ass, both in terms of artistic never thought of before, and themes from a female perspective...barely ever done
3. Kill ira glass and create a radio empire in his wake
4. Run for alderman--win--abolish all cars and parking spots in my ward
5. South of france---do the tour da france year after year--it will require all my life energy, but hey I'll be a ground breaking woman
6. Architect--design buildings that are awesome with glass and plants...I have no idea what this means---feel good about myself
7. Fabrication---make some sort of bike part etc and sell in the market
8. Fabrication---design fabrics and wall paper--new materials focus, wave of the future
9. Sail boats--homage to my uncle edward---live on a boat--be forever tan and alone-occasionally take interns who we train in our completely revolutionary way of thinking and incredible survival skills.

etc etc
please feel free to add to the list

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Friend Crushes

After the three hours of building we don't want to stop being together...or we want a chance to be even more together, without distractions. Mondays after the build-a-bike class my co-teacher and one of my really cool students and I lock up the bike shop, board the doors, extend security gates and put chains in place (I have 5 keys on my key chain for all the shop locks). Then we ride through the late night alleys and almost empty streets.

First date was a yuppie bar, Cleo's. A place I would never have gone to on my own..or really if I had any choice. For some reason with them I'll trust and realize it really doesn't matter where we go. There are a bunch of cool acquaintances who are wowed by the fact that we are bike mechanics; I'm wowed by the fact they are all PHD students, with extreme degrees and years of living in Berlin under their belt. This is my first time having ten cent chicken wings. They are really good, but I feel real sick after eating 7 of them. Remembering that it was only 70 cents helps me feel better.

Second date, way better. John takes us back to his house. He lives in a neighborhood no white people live in...well no hipsters or 'young' people at least. He is like a colonist in the completely roughing it sense. JUST KIDDING. He lives in a warehouse with a bunch of other manufacturers and artists in an industrial and poor neighborhood. (People really have machines and are making things here.) John's apartment looks like an un-organized antique shop, the kind that is hard to walk through. There are stacks and stacks of books, globes, old long boards, and statues. There are antique bikes hanging from the ceiling on pullies. He is a map maker. There are trails through his apartment, no open space. He has one of the first Thermoses ever does not look like a thermos. I spend my life trying to have nothing attached to me. Throwing, donating, or mailing everything away every 5 months. I keep my walls bare. You can't even see the walls in John's home. You can see the lofts he has built. The space is kind of small, but has high ceilings. The second floor was built by John. It hangs out over the room, suspended by huge metal chains from the ceiling. That is where his bed is and something else...more storage? He lives in a play house. He gets to climb a ladder to go to bed, and his bathroom doesn't have a door. You can tell he is a bachelor. He wishes he wasn't...I recommend he get a door for his bathroom, ladies like that kind of thing.

We didn't come over to look at his maps and lofts. We came over because John is a serious beer brewer. He has all kinds of machines and actually has two really good beers on tap that he made himself. We sit and drink and his crazy neighbors come in to visit. I do not think they are used to seeing women.

Third Date: Alexis's posh apartment. Alexis is a fabulous person who becomes friends with many people, some friends have incredible connections/wealth. She is currently living in a fabulous apartment for free. It is owned by her friend who is 'eccentric' and has left the country for Belize while Alexis holds down the fort. The fort is amazing. It reminds me that even if I had a ton of money I probably would not be able to decorate or even buy such a keen sense of style. There are huge rubber trees growing in the house. The walls and furniture seem expensive and in good taste. The rooms have secret fabulous things like electric guitars and exotic gay art. She has the left overs of a catered mediterranean meal. We eat trays full of stuffed grape leaves. Drink smoky whiskey and then smoke on the roof. She has a fabulous view of the city on the well manicured roof. This time it is just the 3 of us. We explain what we used to be; how the people we dated are now getting married or pregnant or even more crazy; how we do or don't get money and how that changes us. Things that are nice to talk about, but you know most people don't care about so you keep it to yourself. I am really glad to know that John had to buy his own clothes when he was 14 or that Alexis mistakenly lived in Panama for years and now she turns down jobs that offer to pay her big money because she doesn't think they are what she wants to spend her time on. I am the youngest and it seems to show in that I know the least about my direction and what I should have learned from the past. oh well.

Date 4: It is Monday again. It is my turn to host. What can I do to compete? I don't brew my own beer, I don't live in a fabulous apartment or even really own anything cool. I have been planning this for about 3 weeks. I think my best bet is to make a squash soup and bake bread from scratch. What kind of beer should I buy? Should I get whiskey? Young people and those without much money are generally happy with crap (PBR) but what do older people with money like? Do I really want to know?

I guess it really doesn't matter. We'll probably just end up sitting on my porch sipping and smoking and talking to each other.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* this new friend crush does not in any way threaten old friend crushes and actual friends. You gentle readers of this blog, who have been my friends for years, are still too dear for words. I wish I saw you more. Maybe we should teach a night class together.