Sunday, August 23, 2009

julia et al's videos came out last night. daybued at the debonair social club on their 6 projector screens from 9pm-11pm. I invited a bunch of friends that Julia and I share...people who also happen to be artists and want to support art openings and see what's playing in new spaces. The Debonair is a place we'd never go to, unless expressly invited for some un-dsc type event. I think it's where people go when they want to feel dressed up and classey or maybe a better way of putting it is sexy and expensive.

Nick and I haven't been doing to well. I'm stressed out by the idea of Julia moving out and never seeing her and Nick moving in and only seeing him. Nick's stressed because winter is fast approaching and he's about to loose his bike job...he's trying hard to get a new job...writing tons of cover letters and getting no where. It's very discouraging.

Last night while in the club i guess he gave some women the EYE. I know the eye b/c he's given it to me. it's like beams of magnet rays coming from all three of his eyes and his chest opens up and you get the feeling his ribs want to eat you. As one friend said it, "he projected Sex, sometimes you can't help it." Any way, before the girl who Nick gave the eye left, she came up to our table and whispered in his ear...this small girl with a cute
dress and long long curly brown hair, asking if he wanted to leave with her right then. I was right there and I'm pretty sure he smiled and shook his head.

Oh my god I want to rip that girl's hair out as I imagine her again and again walking away from our table after propositioning nick and walking out the door, with each shake of her tiny hips saying 'it's your loss to the beams that were still coming out of nick'. It also makes me want to break up with nick, have more time to myself for actually getting a hair cut and buying clothes that look good (as opposed to the same stuff from 4 years ago)...yeah...dressing up and not feeling like I look like a tired elementary school teacher at a bar. Tired of feeling completely unattractive.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let's See Redmoon -Early September