Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dance Class

Last night I went to a 'hip-hop/funk/house' dance class at the Old Town School of Music. The O.T. School is a very bizarre and exciting place. Everyone is there to study music or dance. People are sitting in the hallways with mandolins or drums or accordions practicing. It feels a lot like a high school but everyone wants to be there and they're being encouraged to be creative.

My teacher's name is Boogie McClarin. I don't think I need to point it out, but I'm going to, that is a Hilarious name for a hip-hop dance teacher. Much love to her though because she introduced the class as a language class..dance as a language; she talked about the kinetic memory, and how we have to develop it because it is hardly ever used; and she gave the disclaimer that she can't teach us how to dance, you either love to move your body or you don't.

Is this true? Does everybody either loves to 'move' their body or they don't? Is that the same as saying you either love to have sex or you don't? People who don't enjoy having sex I usually think of as Oppressed (I mean it in both the Freudian and Marxist definition of the word).

I told two girls I work with at Ina's that I was going to a dance class. They both shuddered at the thought and then claimed that they couldn't dance at all because they were Jewish.
This was earth shattering on many levels.
1. I didn't even know they were Jewish.
1a. This reinforces the fact that I am not Jewish unless I'm around Christians...because I don't really have a jew-dar. Isn't the old adage true: it takes one to know one?
2. It made me question my dancing roots. Is my Dad a good dancer? I know he likes to dance, but then there is the fact that he doesn't really have any true sense of rhythm, which could in some eyes, impair his dance floor abilities.
2a. My friend, Charlie, once said I used to be a good dancer, but now I just look like I "out grew rhythm" ...are these my dad's genes? I can only hope that I can quickly learn rhythm, or make up for it by being able to do tricks like the wave or spin on my head.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Well, the twins have blogs so I might as well join them, being the last and least finest.

That was a poem.
This will be poems and sarcasm to make things less embarassing, and much more confusing.
I spend a lot of time on the computer these days so I figured as opposed to just trolling the logs, I might as well contribute.