Thursday, February 22, 2007

Like most things and people in my life, I've been thinking about writing in the b l o g, but haven't had the time to do it (same as brushing my teeth and having sex). [I wish those 2 were equivalent]

In the 14 min before I leave for work I will touch on things I've been wanting to write about:

1. My boss/friend told me a couple days ago that she subscribes to National Geographic, and that each edition has some sort of informative map of the light pollution, forests, etc. The last one mapped the density of the single population in the US. Evidently Chicago is FILLED with single women, the numbers are overwhelming. So is most of the NE coast. Places like Portland however have more men than women...
a. why did she tell me this? To make me feel better about being single, like it isn't my fault, the numbers are against me? To make me gay? To increase the value of her current boyfriend? To encourage me to move west?
b. I've never been to portland...and I don't want to go...the men can have it.
c. Then she said joining a sport is a good way to meet men. My god, what kind of romantic comedy do people think I'm acting in? Right now I'm pushing for the comedy.

2. Dance Troupe
The Ice Age dance was so much fun to make and went over so well with the crowds we decided to do it it I mean make a dance. The 3 of us rented a dance studio I know of that is really cheap with the goal of just sweating and rolling around making up creative dance. I spent all night the day before looking at keyword:dance videos on YouTube.
data analysis: almost all dance, from high school talent shows to expensive music videos to korean performances with masks are based on the style set up by Michael Jackson back in the day. It is the movements that are thought of in segments, fluid yet curt and jolting that are popular wouldn't think there is a dance style right now because all music is so diverse etc etc...but I would argue there is a Definate pop movement that can be found in almost every hot dance right now, and it all seems fathered by M.J.

I want to do a different kind of dance really badly. Something that goes more to the side than focusing on the jerking movements, and something that is not communicating that I am sexy or want to get some sex. This sounds hard. But hopefully not as impossible as imagining a new color.

3. Is justin timberlake influencing fashion? Did he single handedly bring back the simple tie and suit vest?

4. I got a flat tire a week ago on my way to work. It took me 15 minutes in 13degree weather to change it. I got frost bite for real this time. I can't feel my finger tips and got a really big blister of dead skin on one finger. I tell everyone, and show it off. Is this really something to be proud of?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Art on Ice

Friday I drove in a cheap rental car to Minneapolis. A haj to see the work of our friends and the community of art shanties on a frozen lake outside MPLS.

Everyone in the car was psyched 1. just to be in a car 2. to be in a car that wasn't about to break down 3. to eat snack food commenly associated with car trips.

I was very easily convinced to be in a dance performance on the ice...something inspired by the daft punk video 'around the world'. We had rehearsed in Chicago and Saturday we took our show to the ice. We were dressed as 1. a woolyMamoth 2. a dinasour 3. a sabertooth tiger 4. a taredactle 5. an iceberg 6. an iceberg.

It was a tragic ice age dance as you can well gather.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chicago Weeps...?

I feel like all my friends and family who don't live in Chicago
1. consider it my loss that the Bears lost so horribly Sunday
2. think everyone in Chicago is depressed because we lost
3. the cold weather (high of 2 degrees) is just a shame considering all we've been through.

I will now take a moment to clear up these misconceptions.

1. I am sad and bitter about the Bears embarrassment at superbowl #41...but at exactly the same time I'm really happy about it. Why? Because it proves that my ESP is beginning to mature. About 8 minutes into the game, when the Bears were kicking ass, I predicted they would loose. I told everyone the first touch down was a curse, because now the Bears would think they'd already won, and the Colts would work even harder because they were getting beaten from the get-go. I was right.
I felt like counselor Diena Troy...the most beautiful woman on StarTrek Next Generation.

2. Everyone in my office had switched to the very classy turtleneck and Bears sweatshirt for the past 2 weeks. Some women have even been wearing special earrings. And I've over heard gossip about the innovations that some have found with orange scarves tied around their waists, etc...maybe I'm blind, but accessories seemed to be the extent of Chicago enthusiasm; making Sunday more of a reason to stop wearing orange than anything else.

The only people who really talk about it are the business men I know who I don't think really watch football, but feel like they should be able to small talk about my boss, who is not naturally a sociable person, he will go up to people he is asking favors of and in trying to make himself seem like less of a cold stone he'll say something like, "did you watch the superbowl?" The other person says yes, then he says, "pretty sad hu?...but those first 10 minutes...those were great". Stupid line, capt'n obvious, okay...we get it, you watched the superbowl and you are pretending to have feelings. Those of us who really do have feelings are heart broken and don't want to talk about is like your friend just got divorced and you say to them "man that sucks, your life is pretty fucked up right now...but man you seemed really happy those first 7 and a half months"

3. Everyone in chicago is happy that is it cold. We can't win a superbowl, but at least we can handle ourselves well on a day where the high is 2 degrees. Everyone in the office just talks about how cold it is... and how they walked through it. How many people have I told that I biked to work and my thumbs are frost bitten with a smile on my burned red face? 41 (one for each year of the superbowl's glorious history that has eluded my fair city)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

way into: deer and harry smith