Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roommates/Photobooths in Chicago

The end of an era. Andrea, Marian and I no longer live together. A good 2-3 year run where things seemed stable, we were all trying for something more (I think Marian is getting pretty close to what she wants with making and publishing and Mel--and Andrea is getting back to art!).

Now Julia and I live together (photobooth picture pending) in a lovely house that I can't seem to move into. I've been more comfortable keeping things in boxes and my mattress on the floor for the past 7 years. Now I think I am slowly getting the nesting bug. I want to do things like water my house plants (before only Jade and cactus survived my minimalist techniques).

J and I haven't really been able to settle in yet because our gas is off, shower doesn't work, and some major construction is pending...but as soon as all that is taken care of I'm sure it'll feel like home.

Now for the important service for Chicagoans.
For some reasons photobooths are really appreciated in this city. Maybe it is that we are vein or that we like an excuse to squish together and sit on someone's lap or that we are still fascinated by technology from the 50's. Just like I wish there was a map of good grocery stores in Chicago, I'll publish a list of good photobooths in the city:

Diversey River Bowl, Chicago
Double Door, Chicago
Empty Bottle, Chicago
Excalibur, Chicago
Hairitics Dye for Your Beliefs, Chicago
Hangge Uppe, Chicago
Heartland Cafe, Chicago
Hogs & Honeys, Chicago
Holiday Club, Chicago
Lincoln Tap Room, Chicago
Local Option, Chicago
Melvin B's, Chicago
Quimby's Bookstore, Chicago
Rainbo Club, Chicago (reliable $3)
Reckless Records, Chicago (really?)
Sam & Willy's, Chicago
Schubas, Chicago
Sheffield's, Chicago
Shenanigan's House of Beers, Chicago
Silver Room, Chicago
Skylark, Chicago ($3)
Sluggers, Chicago
Smart Bar, Chicago
The Village Tap, Chicago --NOTE this one is in color and kinda sucks with a lame border
-Chicago Children's Museum ($1) get a Museum pass from the library first
*Atomix--Adam, the owner, is a big photobooth afficianato. He used to have one in the cafe but recently got rid of it...I happen to know he has his own personal photobooth set-ups. If you're interested in finding out more about photobooths I recommend talking to him.