Wednesday, May 09, 2007

L.A. Sit?

Why is LA so fabulous? Everyone exercises and at the same time loves donuts and coffee (there are donut places EVERYWHERE, and not a dunkin d. to be seen, all local, all organic. jk last bit). You know something is popular when there are several versions of it with drive-thru options. Yes there are cars, but there are also a LOT of bicyclists and lots of bike lanes and signs telling drivers to share the road.

I love 'exercise'
I love sun
I love bike lanes
I love donuts
I love coffee

The best part of the trip might have been the 4am visit Rebecca and I made to Randy's.

It was dark and cool outside right before we devoted ourselves to LAX and leaving. We hung out in the parking lot eating long johns and coffee and were rewarded by the celebrity sighting of Randy himself...I think his license plate read 'donut king' or 'fattest donut' or something like that. It was somehow VERY reassuring.


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