Monday, March 12, 2007

stress bleeder

I've been so stressed lately my nose has started bleeding.
It just runs blood on its own, which is embarrassing because
people must think I'm doing coke...too bad I'm naturally
twitchy, over anxious, paranoid, and plagued by a feeling
of euphoria that drops to a deep depression every 20 min.

In a fit of irony the tension of work, art performance and an
illicit crush: while making my nose bleed have made my period
stop...this is worrisome because the only non-pregers women
I know who don't get their periods are bulimic/fucked up.

In good news, my condition is something that attracts
employers like a pheromone. I've gotten 2 awesome job
offers in the past week. In bad news, my condition is something
that scares the shit out of every hipster boy I approach with
any mild pass at romance.


Blogger Julia Miller said...

sarag, you need some opiates?

8:50 AM  

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