Thursday, June 21, 2007

new goals

it started today.

I no longer work/have a job, and I'm no longer at my parent's house (I visited them for 3.5 days last week).

What am I now?

Today the lovely term 'On Sabbatical' came to mind. I am on sabbatical this summer in chicago.

Sabbatical Goals:
1. Look for a job
-one that I want to do for more than 5 months
-I'm prepared to train for this job
-I've checked craigslist 12.75 times today
-what I should do is think about the companies I want to work for or talk to people who do
what I want to do.
2. Try to decide what I want to do
3. Try to decide how long I belong in Chicago
4. Be ethically lean and fit
-have noticed that people's pets are as fat as they are
-I don't want to be fat/have fat
-to be skin pulled over muscle...that sounds more crazy than i wanted it to
-exercise should be a part of my will I do that if I don't get paid to ride my bike?
-eat simply...fresh instead of rich food
-save money: cheap/free dance and yoga classes? cooking with people instead of going out?
-should I try the philosopher's diet and do away with sugar and flour...limit self to 1,200 cal per day?
5. Everything in its place
-have some sort of cabinet of Wonder with little boxes so my life is organized and filed away
-all the things that can be filed away can probably be thrown away (cycle things out to brown elephant)

6. General/viral revolutionary activity
how do you change the world you live in?
I made a is obviously silly
-cut my own hair
-eat local organic
-recycle office paper and turn old clothes into grocery shopping bags
-own very little
-learn new serious skills (html writing, wheel building, sewing, etc)
-spend more time in public places


Blogger Julia Miller said...

my friend francis (Italina/English) chopped my hair off yesterday, I now have a short hair again. . .and I walk everywhere. that should be on your list too.

6:17 AM  

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