Monday, November 06, 2006

when we don't talk to enough people

I just saw American Psycho. Was it real? I don't want to give anything away, so if you haven't seen the movie and don't want anything ruined (re:the end) skip to the next paragraph. The real estate woman at the end of the movie was THE BEST part--second was him showering/talking about various soaps and lotions. When I ask people who've seen the movie if they think he really did it or simply imagined murdering-- most people say they think he really did it. Most agree that the only clear thing about the ending is the ambiguousness of whether or not he did it. Viewers generally decide if he did it or not based on what they think is more disturbing. I think it's way scarier if he didn't really do it and is just mind fuck confused...why doesn't anyone else think that? Maybe because they haven't had sex with a schizo.

Viewers also agree Christian Bale's body is perfect, in the most frightening sense of the word.

Maybe you never watched this movie because you were afraid of all the blood and cutting it would entail...but really most of the footage was taken up with beautiful shots of business cards and well gelled businessmen's hair.

If you're wondering what The Secretaries will be like, think of American Psycho and switch all the male characters with females, all the money and good food with blouses and slimfast.

This film was also directed by a woman! She must be a god is my first thought...then IMDB tells me she also did The Notorious Bettie Page and I Shot Andy Warhol. Those movies were offensive because their topics seemed so great, but the films SUCKED.

Then I saw Godard's Weekend. All about how humans/bourgeois just like to hit and stab and kill and eat each other. Great. Lots of blood and color. Made all the others like masculine/feminine make sense...he really does hate humanity. It was also reminiscent of Death Race 2000 (apocalyptic film with Sylvester Stallone). If you don't have netflix it's over between us.


Blogger Julia Miller said...

everyone I've talked to says he didn't do it. . I think thats way scarier/sadder

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course he did it, that's the whole point of the Iran-Contra footage at the end. It's supposed to let you see that he got away with murder just like the Reagan and the Republicans did, just like anyone who is wealthy and powerful possibly can.

4:33 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

You make an excellent point regarding the Regan footage, which seemed very oddly placed, maybe because I didn't remember the Iran-Contra controversy. Why did you post anonymously? I wonder how old you are. Does me not remembering make me a bad citizen or just young? What about Bale saying at the very end that telling the story will bring him no relief? Is he saying that because we are supposed to feel sorry for Regan?

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not much older than you and you're not a bad citizen for not knowing about Iran Contra, since you'll never hear about it in the media anymore. I actually haven't seen this movie for a couple of years so I don't remember what lines you're talking about at the end, but it's important to remember that the movie is meant to be a social commentary on 80s culture. What I remember most about the movie is how the end changed it from a slasher movie to a think piece, but not a "did he or didn't he" piece. To me you had to accept the premise that he did do it to start asking the harder questions. Are our leaders and other powerful people causing damage to people that don't have a voice? Is Bale uniquely evil or simply a product of this society? Is he more evil or are we more evil with our complacency with a society that allows him to get away with murder? I'm sure there are many other questions that can be asked as well.

3:43 PM  

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