Monday, October 30, 2006

Perfunctory Halloween Lament

All the artist I know are going "all out" for Halloween. They have been planning for months. The trick is to be some what academically obscure (not a witch or a sexy bee), not too obscure, look good/cool, and be a little scary.

Good ideas thus far:
-a famous artist who dropped out of a window in 1995: look dead and carrying around a window frame
-Commandant Marcos, playing tennis: a ski mask, headset, red handkerchief, short shorts, and racket
-a coral reef: outrageous sweaters from the thrift store glued together
-a giant severed elvis head: a puppet head made of foam rubber that covers wearer from head to knee with movable eyes and lip curl, blood around the neck
-mormon bikers: dark suit, helmet, bent forward, Bible, partner (they always travel in pairs)
-a sexy darthvader: mask, cape, bustier, black tights (This is funny because it was in The Onion, one of their best pie charts in 2001)
-a vietnam vet: aviator glasses, bandana, a jacket
-a wet dream: clouds pinned to your shirt holding a squirt bottle of water
the last two were actually HORRIBLE ideas.

In Madison it was easy, I practically lived inside a thrift store, surrounded by crap.

At this point I'm tempted by things like being "the french new wave" or a Japanese Evil Fox Spirit or a dead biker or Maya Derin. All of these are LAME. I guess it was easier last year because I was in the hospital with a collapsed lung not worrying about parties, also lame.


Blogger Julia Miller said...

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9:07 AM  
Blogger Julia Miller said...

you know how you can be a slutty ___, you should be a ____ mime. i.e. a doctor mime, a biker mime, a parisian mime, a trucker mime. . .

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sexy witches are way passe. i'm going as a sexy slut.

4:01 PM  

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