Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Heart Herc.

I've been living the hard life, and all the cigarette smoke makes me feel like my face is going to fall off. When I lie in bed my ears ring. What kind of High jinx have I gotten myself into?

Hipster performance art rock. I knew I was susceptible to this kind of contagion, why wasn't I more careful? Why didn't I stay away from all the thick plastic frame glasses, gimmick musical instruments and ironic butter colored polo shirts?

Meet Herc. Two men who act ridiculous with ill fitting ski masks while playing a tiny drumset and an accordion. Fine Fine. In the middle of the show they have to take a break and are lured away, only to be taken over by Metal Porpoise, evil band wearing black masks and twisty horns, a cheaper version of Gwar. Crowd goes wild with hate. All the hipsters start throwing cans at them and yelling FUCK YOU!!!!!! YOU SUCK..We Want Herc! Even the lilies of the scene, the women with gentle long hair and dresses that were popular during WWII, wave middle fingers in the air. Metal Porpoise keeps playing. "What is that you say? We should fuck ourselves in the face? Funny you should say that" he yells at the crowd. "Did you know our penises are so big we can fuck our faces without even leaning over? HArharhah" How charming.

Later in the night I offered 1/2 of Herc. a piece of halloween candy I was about to eat. He leans over with his glasses almost falling off his sweaty ski mask to say thank you. He accuses me of lying about something (which I was) and I'm pretty sure I smiled as I put on my winter coat backing towards the door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, i really want to know what was so bad about the above post.

i saw herc four years ago. it was pretty good. there were these hobos there who'd just done it either on train tracks or in their conversion van. that's the 100% truth.

10:02 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

you're always hanging around hobos and sex.

The above comment was an ad for a quick money making scheme. I erased it because what you should really do is send all quick money to me.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Herc in my opinion was one of the best band's to ever come out of Chicago. They were honest fun and they took what they did very seriously. You could always count on a great show from them.

And further, I think they got a bum rap by the "serious" musicians out there. So many times I would here math rock hopefuls go on about how much Herc sucked, when they were the pathetic ones that moved to Chicago to be YET ANOTHER band that wanted to record with Steve Albini. Are we as people that far gone that we can't see fun and just let go of our bullshit and enjoy it??

9:39 PM  

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