Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Getting into America

While away I got way into the U.S.A. How could this be you ask? "I mean a few entries ago you were talking about your love for Palestine, the 2 don't go together. I your dedicated and gentle reader needs proof."

Proof I'm way into America:

1. I bought jeans for $12 at wal-mart and love them (actually went to several wal-marts searching through piles of dark rinse 'faded glory' for another pair of 12 average, my size is 'average' = yesssssssss!)

2. I am way into Capt. Beefheart. I listened to him while I was driving up and down the coast saying Yeah America Yeah as I gripped the stearing wheel

3. I watch too much U-Tube from music videos and tv pilots to relationship soap operas and animated star trek dolls drinking coffee*.

4. I worked on my family's farm with a bunch of Mexican men from Oaxca. We were storing the corn harvest and coving in with huge plastic sheets after it had been packed down by a tractor. Then we threw cut up tires on top of the plastic to hold it down (who knew there was a use for old tires). God damn the rubber was heavy.

5. I only wear big hoop earings or pearl studs (because I'm middle class)

6. I admire pick-up trucks more and more

7. When eating out these days I only want hot dogs

8. I saw Jesus Camp a documentary about Evangelical Christians in the Midwest. There was lots of footage of suburban houses and highways and restaurants, and I was not surprised by how much Nebraska looks like chicago, looks like virginia beach, looks like western new york, looks like maryland, looks like dc, looks like wisconisn.


Blogger Julia Miller said...

we should get matching bald eagle tats

7:42 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

martel has one on the fore arm is shredding an american flag. How can we beat that?

5:48 PM  

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