Thursday, September 28, 2006

I guess Brian Eno was wrong, and the future of flying is doomed

Before I flew back to Chicago I said good bye to a family friend who told me to “have a safe flight”.

Because the past 5 months have been intense safety + transportation spewing days my ears perkedy up. “thanks, but there isn’t really anything I can do to MAKE my flight safe” I joked about dying.

“oh yes there is” she said in a really grave tone, like what she was really saying was you are actually the only one who can do anything to save the world so sit up straight kid.

Does she think I have a bomb in my bag I could choose to detonate or not detonate? Or should I pull something like sept 11, where someone tries to blow up their shoe, and I rebel, showing them what Americans are really made of, forcing the plane to go down somewhere in Pennsylvania instead of the Mall of America or Bush's lawn? Dude I havn't even studied martial arts.

The whole thing gave me the shakes like an old man’s cold finger.

It was nice getting through security
I’ve had this big feeling that I’m being heavily monitored by the government and things mentioned in my blog and in conversation with political family are suddenly on the record, the kind of proof that could put me away for a long time, like Tokyo Rose, who just died the 24th of Sept. She was locked in a 6foot cell for 1 year without ever being charged with anything, and was then set loose. Then a couple of years later they brought her in again and charged her with crimes against the country. She spent years in prison and wasn’t pardoned until Johnson’s last day in office; at that point everyone she had loved had died (including her parents and Portuguese husband).

“you’re really orphans now, boys. How will you get home now that all your ships have sunk?”

The woman didn’t even like rice, she was born in california, trapped in japan during the war and not given any food because she was american, japanese government forced her into a job as a radio personality who would taunt the american soldiers (axis war tactic). her obituary was in the Washington Post a fit of geographical irony she died in Chicago.


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