Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I've Tried to Escape

I realize I haven't been home since Thanksgiving. That is a long time, the way I figure it, almost a year. My job is over and I seem to have no life except for an excessive number of gay dance parties and heart break hotels I'm supposed to check into (the two are not related). So I hinted vaguely for days and then after seeing 4th ex one too many times --bought a ticket out of town.

17 hours on the amtrak has to be good for something.

I sat nexted to a man who had been in Chicago because his brother had just died. He told me there were only 4 schools in the entire USA that were named after Malcom X. He told me all about his brother. I think he was muslim and as part of the funeral he had to wash his brothers body and wrap it. He prays he never has to do it again. He also told me about the trees his brother liked and other details that are odd to talk about, but he couldn't help thinking abou this brother. I couldn't help thinking about Malcom X, who used to be a train conductor...I wondered if the future X had just announced the dinning car was open for those with reservations.

The train was over run with Amish. Men and women who disdain any form of attractiveness. Offensively ugly hair cuts and poly-cotton blend dresses, not a plucked eyebrow in the crowd. The worst part is they all travel in male/female pairs and seem extremely happy. They even have body odor and don't care. I of course freaked out before I went home shaved every part of my body I could and plucked what was left and then bought a stick of antiperspirant filled with aluminum. All this so my mother will love me and respect me as a real human. God damn, I'm jealous of the Amish.


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