Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yesterday I went to the King Tut exhibit at the museum of Science and Industry. What a bust. $25 dollars to see National Geographic 3-D animations of what the tomb might have looked like. A small figure of a mummy and lots of dark lighting and odd "Egyptian" primitive music. with a few jars that held insides.

Tut ruled Egypt from age 9-19 (he was mysteriously cut down in his youth). His predecessor did away with all the gods and consolidated all worship into one Deity, the Sun. According to the exhibit this was not very popular. Tut brought back the old pantheon.

There is also speculation that Tut married one of Queen Nefertiti's daughters. Hot stuff.

While going through the exhibit I couldn't help thinking about how much money I just spent and the fact that I haven't: ruled a nation, resurrected Gods, visited the O.M. (Original Memphis), married a Pharaoh or even dated a King...and I'm well past 19.


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