Thursday, September 14, 2006

Logan Square VS Humbolt Park

I've changed neighborhoods. Everyone I know who used to live in Logan Square moved to Humbolt Park, trying to pull an opposite day on me. They all loath Humbolt the same way I hate Logan. They complain about all the kids outside their windows yelling *fuck you, mother fucker, give me my candy back* and the boys who go by in their cars with the bass so loud it sets off all the car alarms, and the Fruiteria y Liquoria with its white bread, canned food, gallons of canola oil, unrippened fruit, and cranky Puerto Rican check out ladies. I miss it ALL.

In logan there are just older white people walking their dogs, and really well dressed hipsters who I imagine all have jobs as graphic designers. Graham and I sat on the porch last night talking serious smack about the music that was wafeting out the neighbor's window and how tired we were of minimalist composers, how old John Cage really is, and unbearable to listen to.

Yesterday a friend came over sighing about how much he missed quite of Logan. I joked that the only noise I heard here was people blasting Steve Riche or John Cage.

"Really? Because my friend lives right next door and he plays violin loops. He's Andrew Bird."
"Oh, I thought it sounded live, only half like a recording. So was he playing Steve Riche?"
"No, he was playing Andrew Bird..."
He said it in a way that was like ANDREW BIRD...I figured it was the same if I played the clarinet and said I was playing SARAH MILLER. I had a weird feeling that he was trying to hint at something more impressive, so I looked up Bird on-line. Judging by the Wikipedia article and myspace account the dude is famous.

Shit like this keeps happening to me in Chicago and it is so embarrassing. My last neighbor and I were hanging out and I asked him what he'd been up to and he asked if I'd *ever heard of JOAN OF ARC?* I shrugged like it was no big deal, I imagined it was like someone from Wiskino telling me they were a film maker. Turns out ARC is way famous, and I should feel stupid for not knowing about it or at least stupid for not knowing how lucky I am to be around such fame.

In order to make the most out of present circumstances I think I will start playing my clarinet on the a snake charmer..see if I can get in the band, or at least influence his new album.


Blogger sarah said...

Steve Reich. and for the record Graham is Not a Hater.

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