Monday, September 04, 2006

the old horse

yesterday I officially got all my things into the new apartment. Only 3 days behind schedule. I made six trips by bike which was really cool and moved almost everything I own. There is nothing like lugging bike bags full of clothes and shoes to make you hate everything you own.

For the larger things roomate and I hired movers....the Starving Artists. Too bad I knew 2/3 of them and had a crush on 3/3 of them and was as strong as 2.3/3 of them. What does this mean? I carried a ton of stuff trying to be helpful and make them like me which really wore me out.

I was mortally embarrassed to find stains all over my mattress. There was one particularly huge urine stain. When something is embarrassing you can either 1. hope no one says anything and everyone pretends it doesn't exist (ex: my mom's reaction to fart, her own and others) 2. Point it out yourself and act proud about it before anyone can make fun of you... or the most popular 3. blame someone else (preferably someone who isn't present).

I vaguely did the second two. The movers tried to re-assure me. One said "oh about one in (he looked up to try and figure the correct and less embarrassing number) one in three mattresses we move has a pee stain. " Could that be true? Why is everyone peeing on their bed?

Another mover gave a better answer. "I don't care," he said it as he leaned the bed against his head and shoulders and went down a flight of really steep stairs. Does he really not care? After all the moving was done and we had paid the 3 boys I asked him if he wanted to come to the house warming party and see how comfortable a urine stained bed can be. I realize I'm loosing it so I decided I must listen to reggae for a couple days to force myself to calm down. I hope it works.


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