Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Secret Life of HouseWife Sarah

While not technically a 'house wife' I think this entry is anything but misleading. Sure I don't have kids and I'm not technically anyone's wife, but the real definition of a house wife is someone who doesn't technically have to leave the house except to buy food supplies.

1. wake up
2. stay in bed and watch either Goddard or Season II of LOST
3. listen to roommate stomp through the house in her cowboy boots, getting ready for work. Should I get up? I know she can hear me watching tv in here...decide to stay in bed and avoid social contact.
4. yoga and push-ups in the dark, diagonally across the bedroom floor. Gotta keep young. If only I could yoga away the boulders I have for legs (a sideffect of biking).
5. check email again
6. make a list of things I could do so I don't feel like my life has no meaning, decide making coffee should be top of the list
7. make coffee
8. roll a cigarette with very little flair or skill
9. check email
10 talk to other roomate, say good-bye
11 pretend I'm french while deciding what to eat for breakfast
12 smoke half a cigarette/drink 3 cups of coffee/eat cheerios with a spoon and cows milk
13 write 6 emails
14 consider what to write in my blog
15 take a shower/get dressed pretending someone is going to see me...can't let myself fall apart like a cat lady...this is a constant worry, even though I don't have cats or even like them
16 check email
17 check email and blogs
18 walk to the library
19 find out yesterday was the last day to register to vote
20 force myself to read 20 pages of Studs Terkel---Hope Dies Last-- it is not very hopeful
21 walk home only making eye contact with one person who is walking their dog, I don't have my glasses on so the world is hard to exist in front of me (I also have trouble understanding what people say because I can't read their lips and I have to get really close to signs in order to read them...I mean really close).
22 sweep floor/clean various surfaces with save the planet household cleaners
23 get exercise by dancing to Chopin (my dance form is a mix of javanese, modern, hip-hop, puertorican, and what I imagine is ballet)
24 check email
25 imagine what I will eat for dinner, imagine cooking for other people
26 take out the trash, which was left on the porch and rifled through by a city animal...nothing like putting gross trash back in a bag so you can carry it to a dumpster
27 agree to pass out fliers for Chances, the HOT dance party this Monday. and yes, by hot I mean gay.
28 wriggle myself out of further conversation with friendly neighbor, declining a cup of tea, saying I have to do something upstairs
29 make myself a cup of tea upstairs
30 sit on the couch and look out the window
31 hope people will call and I will miss their call and get to listen to their messages
32 check my email
thirty-two is quite enough I will release my gentle reader.
But get excited the next entry will be about Fall Fashion!


Blogger Rebecca said...

I loved this entry! What do you think of lost? Did you know Amy Sedaris is coming on wednesday to speak, and that yesterday studs terkel spoke at the library? Can I come to chances? Can we make dinner tomorrow? Gave Chloe the script...I wonder what she will think. I want to talk to Nathalie, my professor, about the secretaries...want to come? She's a huge french-canadianne feminist theorist- do you ever wonder what feminists will think of the secretaries? Ohh! I'm so excited!

9:11 PM  
Blogger ctharper said...

You should move to another country, do the same routine and then you could call yourself a fulbright

11:46 AM  

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