Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hey C.M.
I just saw a king of the hill where hank went to the superdome. On the way he stopped by an old Louisiana french family mansion where he was hit on by a gay man, and began to worry because son, Bobby, started acting more gay than usual (wearing crushed velvet and Colonel Sanders style bow ties, and saying "this flower will surely whilt" while fanning himself, head tilted at a rakish angle). I wonder if talking about the superdome now is like talking about the twin towers post 9/11= really embarrassing, and you feel like an ass for ever bringing it up, even in the past, in casual or sitcom dialogue?

But why were you watching tv? My computer's broke. It won't even turn on. after going through what seems like hours talking to men in both India and Canada on 1-800 numbers, plugging and unplugging, removing batteries, and finally unscrewing the back and taking out everything i could under careful telephone tutelage they said, well your computer is 3 years old and we think the motherboard is dead. you need a new one. who calls anything a mother board these days? it was embarrassing.

the point is: you thought you knew me, but I wanted to warn you:: In the near future I might own a mac. If you refuse to talk to me for political reasons I understand.


PS: how are you?


Blogger Julia Miller said...

Lately there seems to be a phantom creative gap in my life that sometimes I feel could only be filled by a
mac. . .is that wrong?

2:43 PM  

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