Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Job

what seems like less than a week ago I got a phone call on my cell phone while I was in the bike shop getting my cranks fixed...that is a fancy way of saying my pedals were about to fall off my bike. My Peugot is really old and french so it took a long time while the mechanic who was very nice, weighed a lot, and no joke had a mustache that curled up on the ends with wax tried to re-attach my pedal.
I sat in a chair made out of old bike wheels covered in rubber intertubes. It is novel but not comfortable. The point of the story is really the phone call. After I left the shop I checked my messages and a woman from mayor daley's office had called. She wanted me to call her back 'as soon as possible'. I had applied for a job as a Bicycling Ambassador a month ago and been turned down. Now one of the 6 they had chosen had gotten sick and they needed a replacement. Could I quit my job in then next 4 days? God damn I'd quit in a second, all they had to do is ask.

For the summer at least I am finally free of waiting tables. The job pays and it means that I ride around the city and give people information about biking and safety. AWESOME. I'm an employee of the Chicago Department of Transportation until September 11th, 2006.


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