Thursday, April 20, 2006


Thursday is my day off. So of course I ride my bike one hour north to and elementary school in Roger's Park. I spend 2.5 hours volunteering with 1st and 2nd graders who have trouble reading. Everyone reading this right now should pause for a moment and try to remember how hard it was to learn how to read. You probably don't remember, but imagine you don't know any of these words, and you had to sound every single letter and then try to put them together. It is hard, exhausting work. I sometimes feel like I'm teaching kids how to do karate it is so tough (okay that was an exaggeration).

Speaking of girls who like to exaggerate/lie, I worked with Tatyana (7years old) this afternoon and the first thing she told was that she saw "on the news a story about a woman who put her baby the microwave and then gave it to her husband and he didn't know what it was so he ate it!"

me:you saw that on the news?!! gross!

Tatyana: uhu, and then there was a woman who threw nine of her babies into a river with crocodiles. It was in Florida!

me: we're so lucky our mothers didn't do that!

Tatyana: I know!

She likes to tell outrageous 'stories' about her grandmother and cousins and I just nod my head and say wow! she loves it. One story she told was about how she had a pet iguana and she went to the zoo with it and it flew away! "Tatyana! Iguanas don't fly." "I know" she says as she puts her hand on mine as if to reassure me, "I was just telling a story" and she seems happy that I know that she's just telling big lies and it is least more interesting

This girl is after my own heart. Four weeks ago she noticed my glasses have little stars in them instead of regular screws...Herminio, another boy I tutor told me he hated my glasses, and that I freaked him out with them on (what a honey tongue). When she found out that I ride a bike and don't have a car she laughed at me because I'm obviously crazy not to want one. "I mean you should get a car, they're faster" then she told me a story about an old lady in a fast car, and the car was just so fast it hit a man on a bike. "You need to get a car! I mean, do you still want to be riding a bike when you're 20?!"


Blogger Rebecca said...

oh my god, hilarious. Kids say the darndest things, don't they? This blog was HILARIOUS!

Next time a kid disses you on your glasses just say,

hey, little motherfucker, which one of us knows how to READ?

In your face, kid.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Julia Miller said...

oh, to be back in that world of logic again

11:16 AM  

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