Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Comedy Nite

I've almost made a new friend.

Lauren works with me on weekends serving brunch. She is 27. Evidently her calling is in stand-up comedy. Last week she made it to the finals for the Thyme Café Tuesday night competition. A contest of crowd pleasing comedy, $100 in prize money is there for the 1st place taking. Lauren was pretty clear when she invited me, "Hey, there's a contest, I want to win the money so I need people in the crowd. Will you come? You should bring your friends."

I asked the 4 people I know in the city if they wanted to go. Graham and I walked in thinking we were on time. The cafe was small with a high ceiling. Decorated in the 'hip, yet finer-things style'. The master of ceremony was trying to kill time with a cordless microphone by telling a joke as he waited for the tabulation of winner results. The joke was: that he liked Kevin Cosner. That is not very funny; it is a joke because he thought it was funny?

A friendly dude sitting next to us tells me I'm going to have to wait a while for a drink because the MC is the waiter, and a real ham.

Lauren wins $100. The beautiful blond girl wore a huge bee costume and told jokes. They'd have been ass holes not to give her money.

I go over to congratulate her, maybe pretending like I actually saw the act. As I give her a hug the man behind her falls to the ground. At first it seems like a stunt you learn in stage acting class. But his fall is really impressive because he just seems to have SLAMMED down face first. I almost want to congratulate him. But he doesn't get up.

He doesn't move.

When I looked closer I see a dark pool near under his face.
HOLY SHit! He's bleeding. The blood is spreading and he is still not moving. The guy in charge/waiter starts yelling. The crowd is confused. "You all have to get out of here!" he screams. They roll the fallen onto his back. His face is covered in blood and he is still not conscious.

Graham grabs his knit hat and mittens. We duck out. Everyone disperses confused and feeling like maybe they did something wrong.


Blogger Julia Miller said...

What happened to him?!? don't leave me hangin. . .

11:15 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

No idea...the ambulance arrived a couple of minutes after I left.

8:10 PM  

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