Saturday, March 25, 2006

Half Viewers

In the early eighties and late seventies my Nana and Papa used to take cruises. Where I don't know; all I do know is that they got suckered into having their pictures taken and put into key chain scopes while on the dance floor and while on the deck in polo shirts. These key chains remain the only lasting memory I have of those ephemeral cruises. I love them!

It is not simply that Nana and Papa were good looking with their tinted glasses, hair spray, and graying hair---the attraction lays in the privacy and secret aspect of the half viewer. No one knows what is inside until they close one eye and put the tiny hole up to the one good eye. It could be your cousin at the beach, puppies in spring, or slutty porn...there is no way of knowing what is inside, and no one really knows what you're looking at (unless they've seen it themselves before). It is like stepping into your own private movie theatre where a still movie is playing.

Last night Rebecca and I bought 100 half-viewer key chains. If you have any pictures you need glued inside a scope style key chain let me know.