Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Guest from the Ravenswood

A: excuse me, Miss?
B: Yes.
A: excuse me Miss, don't you think Mayor Daley is doing a poor job?
B: I don't know, how do you mean?
A: miss, he's just doing a bad job. For example, color. The city should have more color; this room is really colorful. If Mayor Daley was doing a good job he'd do something like put a swipe of chocolate on all the rims of the cars. [swoosh of the arm] That would add some color, chocolate rims.
B: I guess
A: if he were really a good mayor he'd start industry. He could start factories, where they make machines to paint the chocolate on. They would just swoosh and paint chocolate on. He should make spray chocolate, don't you think Miss?

--5 April 2006, Over Easy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ravenswood is a halfway house for people with mental disabilities. it is 3 blocks south of the restaurant I work in

8:43 AM  

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