Friday, May 26, 2006

60 Mile Ride

Wednesday was a training ride for work. I got paid to ride my bike 50 miles (to Indiana and back). The excuse was practice riding in a group and leading a group of cyclists. Hell yeah. Unfortunately I was so nervous while leading the pack of 10 I rode a little too quickly through the streets until someone yelled through the line that we were losing people in the back...ah the proud racer.

My boss is all about Chicago pride so while we rode by Wolf Lake she pointed out the fact that the "Crime of the Century" was committed there. She said that 2 men killed a boy and put his body in the lake in the 1920's. "They only killed one boy?" I asked, "and it was considered the crime of the century?"

Boss: yeah, they were lovers too so the whole sex plot was all over the papers.

(Aside from not existing at the time) How could I have missed something like this? You would think a murderous pair such as this would still be talked about...maybe it is because it was in Chicago that no one really cares. But then again people still care about Al Capone. What other fucked up historical shit am I missing?

I did research and what my boss didn't mention is that the two were Jewish! yes they were gay lovers but one of them also had a girlfriend and was a well known ornithologist, they were heirs, rich; they were smart, they thought they were superhumans carrying out the perfect crime (crime and punishment style), they lived by nietzshe, and what really gets me is that they were only 18 and 19 years old!!!

I guess the jewish community lived on the southside of chicago because they weren't allowed to live other places (now black people live there). The jewish community was stupified by the crime, and someone even said they were glad the 14 year old boy that was killed was jewish so there wouldn't have been an even greater rise in crazy ass antisemitism.

One of they guys lived and was released, moved to Costa Rica and according to EVERY internet source married the widow of a florist (I have no idea what that means or even what type of gender it is). The other boy (I think I can call 18 year olds boys) was bludgeoned to death by his cell mate while in the shower. The man attacked him with a razor all over the naked showering body, later claiming that Leob was trying to sexually assault him. For some reason no one bought that story.

What really gets me is how handsome Leopold and Leob are, so striking and even beautiful. Maybe it is just the perfection of youth? They look strong and smart and trustworthy, just the way I like'm. Proof I have horrible taste and no gay/murderdar.


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