Monday, November 13, 2006

Now I have 179 of those little fliers sitting around my house. I had a keg and rented a huge, beautiful studio above Clark Street and no one came. Well that isn't true 11 of my friends came and one strange man named Damen came wearing a purple shirt, giggling awkwardly and by the end of the night singing as loud as he could along with a Stevie Nicks record in the abandoned dance room.

A LOT of people said they would come and then didn't. Sure it was raining and all the way up in Andersonville, but I worked SO hard and none of it seemed to matter. The ten people who were there had a good time, but when anyone who wasn't there asks me how it went, I want to cry and dramatically crumple to the ground pointing an accusing finger at them as I collapse (yes I have become more dramatic as I get deeper into play production). Or I feel like punching in the face and shouting that I lost $95 on a fundraiser!!!

Oh well, at this point I'm not sure if the play will go on. We had, what I like to call, a small coupe from our actors and since then odd things have been happening: I got locked out of my house for an entire day with out any shoes, money, phone, computer, seeing eye glasses, cigarettes, etc; I lost my cell phone while preparing for the party; Rebecca's grandfather died and she was called away to LA Thursday and I haven't seen her since...

It is too bad I'm overflowing with excitement for The Secretaries. Sure a big part of me would love to fail, so people would feel guilty for not helping more. Unfortunately most of me just keeps imagining the play being performed, and I'm so into the actors and the lighting and the set that I don't ever imagine an audience. Maybe that is for the best because at this point I can't imagine we'll get much of one. The theater is really small, only seats 25 people and I think we would charge $7 a ticket, but at this point I feel like there are only 11 people I can expect to come to the show. Oh wait, 12, I shouldn't forget Damen.


Blogger Julia Miller said...

don't give up! its hard to get new people to come see theatre, even at my school, the audience is made up of mostly classmates and friends. . .you just have to get the word out there and maybe team your efforts with another group who has a large audience like a band or radio or other performance group. . .

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whimsy! whimsy! whimsy!

12:47 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

you shall have your whimsy! just this morning I was contemplating pantyhoes..if that's not whimsy I don't know what is. Good things take time. but you've waited long enough

5:40 PM  

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