Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wayne "the Train" Hancock

Sunday night I went to an old fashioned radio show recording. Finally I am on the radio. You can listen to public radio sometime early in the morning on a weekend, and you might hear me clapping, or laughing on cue. I'm sure you'll recognize my signature audience presentation.

Two men played. Actually 6 did, but as is tradition we only play attention to the vocalists (drummers and bassists still considered 2nd class citizens). The first man was Chris, a boyish kid, who can technically rip up the guitar but seems so uneasy with himself he has no feelings. One would have thought the hot worn out cowboy boots would give him the confidence he needed.

The second in the 'roots country/honky tonk' line up was Wayne the Train. The man is from Texas and he really speaks like someone from "King of the Hill" (sorry that show has come up so much lately) he hardly opens his mouth. During the interview section of the show I leaned over and asked Aaron (clarify: he was sitting next to me) if that accent was for real. "It is, and just hearing him talk is worth the ticket."

Wayne's songs were about drinking, driving fast, being tired, looking for a job, and walking. Much better than Chris's ridiculous love songs that had one of 2 themes: beginning of love, or being at the end of love. Down with love songs that make life seem like such a waste of time. Up with dancing. In true honky style (?) a few couples started dancing in the isles. There was a set of 2 women and one man. He'd tool between the two, trotting them on the dance floor, ending each song with a silly pose. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch because the women seemed to be fighting over him, and he didn't mind. The better dancing couple was 2 women wearing bright cowboy boots and dancing in what seemed like a country way (not a swing style). They were smooth as they glided on the floor in their heels, occasionally doing coordinated kicks. The one wearing tight jeans lead, and the short one in a frilly dress followed.

The big question!!!!!!!!!!! Did I dance? with Aaron?

Yup! Unfortunately while I was taking Hip-hop dance classes Aaron was taking Swing dance classes, so I was nervous and out of practice compared to the current company. Timid timid timid. Then a really fast song came up and I accidentally said Yes to a hand pulling me off the bench.

Aaron had to tell me "left, right, back, left, right back leftrightbackleftrightback, now faster". If he wanted me to move he had to push me, hard. It worked out well.

An old drunk man mentioned that he was old and drunk and then said I was "Striking" because I have brown eyes and good looking teeth. Then he asked if I was an honest woman. Aaron thought it was funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it legal to edit your post so much?

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ridiculous love songs that had one of 2 themes: beginning of love, or being at the end of love. Down with love songs that make life seem like such a waste of time.

i totally agree. but that leaves me with one important question, why are these my favorite types of songs?

9:30 PM  
Anonymous greg said...

did i miss something? who's aaron?

2:04 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

he is my roomate's college friend's roomate, not actually as complicated as it sounds. we went on a date.

5:56 PM  

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