Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chicago Beach Review

I'm a big fan of lists and putting things in order as in " I Like that and I Hate this".

So, here's a list of what one should do in Chicago in the Summer.

49th St beach-- a hidden alcove on the south side surrounded by boulders. Private, there's usually only one european lesbian couple bathing here. The water is smooth and clear, reminds me of Jamaica. You can actually swim laps here with out the bother of a life guard yelling at you...but there's still the convenience of a bathroom across the bike trail.
2nd Best: Loyola Beach (7700 North) --This is a beautiful haven, what I imagine devil's lake to be like. There's a beautiful view of the lake (not all views are the same) the water always seems glassy and I think I accidentally told my co-worker, Shanell that I thought it was what God looked like (the invisible line between water and sky). Not a tourist beach, there are older women who like to swim and people who like to read by the water and kids and Roger's Park is really diverse, one of the only places where black, latino, and white kids play together which is nice to be a part of. Heartland Cafe also has a beach side cafe, for what I like to consider hippy gourmet food by the sea (both of those are just wishful thinking on my part). 3rd Best: Foster Beach-- there are always a lot of people here just loving the beach and you are probably the only yuppie present. There are also mexican carts selling corn on the cob with mayo (don't knock it till you try it) and fresh mango, cucumber with chili and lime, elotes, etc.

Worst: North Avenue-- Frat/sorority party. Way too crowded. Found a big thing of poo floating in the water. Riding or walking on the trail here is super treachy (aka treacherous). Maybe it suffers from being too easily accessible.

In other news 3 of my 8 Junior Bicycling Ambassadors were jumped while at .... the grocery store!! They were on lunch break, went to the downtown grocery store, 7 strangers started beating on them in the face, stomping on them while they were on the pavement and then stole their bikes. Has this ever happened to you at Jewel-Osco? The whole time Shanell and I were wondering where they were and why they were late from lunch. Two hours later we got a call.


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