Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mix CD hot off the Press

Dear Friends and Readers: I just compiled a hot mix cd meant to introduce or remind listeners of some excellent talent and post/present pop culture. If you'd like a copy please contact me and I'll send you one. Here is the Summer 2007 PlayList + Notes. Each track has a link.

1. Sophisticated Boom Boom--The Goodies--I made a performance art piece out of this at a "Great Lakes Exploring Society for Young Women Event". I led participants in a series of ice breaker games and then taught them the 'sophisticated boom boom'. From a great collection of Girl Bands from the red bird label "go girls".
2. Conga Twist --The Revels--I'm way into surf rock and couples dancing.
3. Cha Cha Slide--DJ Casper--Casper invented this for his Baley's Total fitness class...the video is cool b/c it shows chicago. This is kind of the local electric slide...I see little kids in day camps doing the cha cha slide.
4. Filthy Riddim--Lady Saw--Lady Saw is one of few female reggae artists. She has been ban in certain parishes of Jamaica b/c they think she is too lewd. Maybe she is...but I also think she's a feminist and the only lyrics I really under stand are 'honey please before you catch that modern disease...' which I assume is reminding people about safe sex and condoms.
5. Dos Locos--Monchy Y Alexandra--another party hit, this is a Puerto Rican dance beat for "bachata" a really hot and very close couples dance.
6. Al Jazeera--Spencer Kingman--this song could have been written in one of my poetry classes in Madison (and I'm embarrassed to say I like the lyrics). Graham and I saw him open at the Hideout (coolest club in Chicago)...he started here and then like most talent thought he had to go to NYC.
7. Ain't No Sunshine--Rahsaan Roland Kirk--one of the more radical jazz men. A blind flute player who changed his name and made awesome music...check out his album 'Blacknuss'. There's a youtube video of him and John Cage..and he makes Cage seem conservative in every sense of the word.
8. Fatal Flower Garden--Nelsons's Hawaiians--I love the lyrics in this song...really I like any creepy old folk song...they're the kind of tradition I'm happy to pass on.
9. A Minha Menina--Os Mutantes--this is my favorite group right now. They are a psychadelic rock group from the 60's in Brazil. Their music is full of everything...and it was made during a political dictatorship!
10. Let's Make Love and Listen To--CSS-- this band is pretty hot now...and to make the cd flow better,they're from Brazil too.
11. Orange Claw Hammer--Captain Beefheart--I'm tempted to say this is the kind of music I want to make.
12. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood--Nina Simone--She is rock and roll, tears it up, creative, and emotional.
13. My Moon My Man--Feist--she seems like the new cat power, a little weak compared to Simone...but how can we deny gain rough points it is rumored that Feist is friends and lives with Peaches in an apartment in Paris.
14. Sugar Baby--Doc Boggs--another gem from the Anthology of American Folk Music.
15. track 06--Ray Charles--this is burned from a burned cd so I shamefully do not know the name of this ...the best song on his best of album. This song is almost too sexy...the grunting at the end?
16. Sexists Exist--Graham and Dave--I feel lucky to have such talented and forward thinking friends


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