Monday, December 18, 2006

Secret New Job and Nana's Guilt

I called Nana on the second night of Hanukkah (sure it was a little late...but hey there are 8 days for all holiday procrastinators). She sounded normal and then she laid it on: "I heard you have a new job." She didn't say it in a congratulating tone...I didn't understand that something was amiss until, " guess who told me?" My parents? No, my mom's parents.

The problem is I obviously like my mom's family more than my dads. It is holiday time so I'm required to moan about familial relations. Nana got a Christmas card (I guess we should call it 'holiday card' because we're mixed religions) from Grandad telling her how proud he was of their shared getting a job with the city etc. For the record she is the only grandparent I call but it obviously isn't enough. Then she really laid it on..."you're going to your grandparents for Christmas I hear. I know that you really like visiting your grandparents, you always like being with them."

Guilt. I'm making a special trip not to see her? Maybe because she is Jewish she feels sad because she can't really compete with the fun of Christmas? Or is it simply that I am bad and neglecting her.

Then she told me that my cousin just had another baby...I never met the first (which means I haven't seen my cousin in 2 years). oops. looks like neglect on my part, that is what I get for not going home for 2 days during Thanksgiving. May I point out that last time I was near the south I visited her...and slept on the floor of her nursing home at the foot of her bed and had 2 nurses wake me up by accidentally stepping on me.

Before I am accused of being a bad granddaughter or friend or cousin or relation or bad anything I guess I should tell YOU before you get a holiday card in the mail from my grandparents telling family gossip about me: I got a new job! I'm assisting the running the AfterSchoolMatters Bike Building program for highschoolers...Awesome!


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