Friday, August 11, 2006

Thoughts While Listening to the Morning News

1. I cried when I heard that a family of 5 in Beruit was sleeping on a boardwalk. Israel had been nice enough to flier their neighborhood warning the wrath of God was about to rain down on them...the family also had a heads up because an aparment building was bombed the day before killing 41 people. Everyone is sleeping in parks and schools. Maybe it is because I've been working at summer camps but I imagine having 3 kids and making them sleep on the sidewalk, trying to tell the little ones it is no big deal...we're just camping.
2. I'm glad we are rich and had dectectives on our side who stopped a plot to crash 15 planes into the USA...god that kind of attack would have been scary, even thought I probably would have been fine, just lost cell phone reception for half a day. Too bad Beruit has to deal with being bombed all the time while people watch.
3. Wait a minute. While listening to the news I completely forgot the whole innocent until proven guilty shtick. Everyone just assumed that these arrested men/women were about to do it. My dad just represented an Islamic teacher in Virginia who was put in prison for playing paint ball, I mean being a terrorist. My dad had the hardest time because everyone assumes anyone who is arrested is guilty. love my government (feeling Safe) hate my government (when I realize it is just for the upper christians).
4. Just watched Baddasss the making of Sweet Sweetback's Badasss Song. Melvin VanPeebles didn't have enough money to do advertising for his he got this brilliant idea to make a soundtrack. Playing the soundtrack on the radio would be like advertising. Snakes and Planes and THE 9/11 movie are about to come out. The movie companies are the opposite of Van Peebles. They have so much money. What if they staged the whole terrorist plot/arrest/media blitz as a way of promoting their movie? hats off to the big men.


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