Friday, July 21, 2006

his shorts were so short I could see his balls. pink and hairless. as we sat in the sand. Later I remember that I too was wearing short shorts, and not much on me is 'hairless'. oh god.

he does dress well, don't get me wrong, and we were at the beach so I shouldn't complain.
a bling belt buckle made out of glued together quarters. Nice because it made me realize how much I could do with a glue gun and some shelack.

Kind of friendly. Warned me from the begining that he generally doesn't like people. Maybe just 2 or 3 in the entire world are bearable. I generally think that if everyone in the world seems like a jerk to you, maybe it is you who is the jerk and not the rest of the world.

I keep feeling that the only reason he wanted to hang out with me was because of my mod earings and hair cut. That is not a good feeling.

Tells me: he is good at giving physical affection. only dates women who are 5'8" with brown hair. an ass, not tit man. a hot flash runs through my body like all my blood just jumped up just once and tried to escape.

I nod. is he hitting on me? I can't really tell. If someone asks you out should you just assume they want to hit it or do you have to wait for them to show it?

I am too slow. He gets tired and says he has to go home and take a shower. Later that night he calls, sorry he can't hang out any more tonight; he has to help his old girlfriend, she lost her wallet.


Anonymous greg said...

all right, i just want to say that if his nuts are hairless because he shaves, then you're lucky you only had to *look* at them.

10:04 PM  
Blogger gregor said...

that's right, sarah. i'm a blogger too, now.

6:48 PM  

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