Friday, July 21, 2006

city of god

city of God. [draft NOTES on the movie, this will be edited so read it again later]

why do I like this movie so much?
hot people, in hot clothes (short) seventies, eighties
--always good to see people from other countries at different times...because what it was like in america in the 70's has been pounded into our heads already.

it is them in power, we are often ignored
looked at the imdb and all the major actors were born in 1983, the same year I was, felt like they were speaking my words.

the language: the brazilian portugese sounds like english to me in the way they speak it, I imagine that is simply the effect of an old language taken to the new world and spread across a big new country (usa,english; brazil;portugese)

it might help a lot that it is in subtitles, maybe I would think the dialoge was cheesy or poorly acted if I could understand what they were saying. I also really like subtitles, because they are like poetry to me, I love SEEING what people say, it is often so simple (compared to writen words).

all the characters, 325, all different special, stepping in and out. not so clearly good or bad, all driving the plot wether or not they want to.

color, and shots are beautiful, kind of cheesy like the movie TRAFFIC in that modern way, but this is better, somehow doesn't seem like a style war.

all the guns and the shooting and the cowboy,
but at the same time social work aspect of the movie. how sick to kill and then how little a life means all at the same time.

mixing of races, trying to figure out what it means. little hints, who's in power? someone said nigger, who dyes their hair blond, which girl is liked the most (the white one)

but they all seem to hang together, which is awesome and exciting in my american segrigated eyes

It is like american apparel sexy, but a whole movie about it. people looking young and dirty and like they want to get fucked/fuck and like it is hard to tell the difference between the 2.


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