Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yet as we stand at night in the great hall, removing our garments for sleep, we look upon our brothers and we wonder.  The heads of our brothers are bowed.  The eyes of our brothers are dull, and never do they look one another in the eyes.  The shoulders of our brothers are hunched, and their muscles are drawn, as if their bodies were shrinking and wished to shrink out of sight.  And a word steals into our mind, as we look upon our brothers, and the word is [Logan Square Yuppies...I Ayn Rand would say..] fear.


Our body is betraying us, for the Council of the Home looks with suspicion upon us.  It is not good to feel so much joy nor to be glad that our body lives.  For we matter not and it must not matter to us whether we live or dies, which is to be as our brothers will it.  But we, Equality 7-2521, are glad to be living.  If this is a vice, then we wish no virtue.  

Anthem.  Ayn Rand.  published 1937.  (page 46-47)


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